Ich bin Artan.


I am Artan Bajrami and I have been working for Digicube since 2019 as a web developer. I know it is a cliché for me to say but I really love my job. I chose to be a web developer to bring my ideas to life and also because I wanted to take part in this worldwide phenomenon.

“Positive vibes only,” is the motto I like to live by. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and I try to reflect that to the people surrounding me in my daily life. I am comfortable with everyone’s company and I try my best to never give up whatever the circumstances may be.

Other than dedicating my time to improving my skills for my career, I also dedicate it to my loved ones. I love spending time with my family whenever I find the opportunity. After a long week of work, a Friday night drink with my friends is something I would enjoy. My hobbies are seasonal; in winter I like to go skiing, however, in summer I like swimming. Given the fact that my job involves a lot of sitting, I try to go to the gym for a workout to keep me moving.

We rise by lifting others, so don’t hesitate to approach me if you need help with anything.

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