Ich bin Endi.


Born and raised in Gjilan, Kosovo I’ve studied Computer Science and Engineering in Pristina and while learning about all the new exciting programming technologies at the time
I saw myself building websites and helping others get better in the Web Development field and that’s where I decided what I’ll do for the rest of my life.

Before deciding to sit in my chair for 12hours+ I was always outside playing sports. I’m a big fan of Football and of a biggest football family in the world Liverpool. Played Basketball for KB DRITA young teams in my city and continued with it as a hobby. I’m also a big fan of everything that gives you freedom and moves fast, you’re right. Skiing & Motorcycles, and I tend to practice that with websites also. Fast, high performance websites make me happy and motivate me to learn and continue to get better in my career.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.