Ich bin Artan.


Hello! I am Artan Jakupi and I am a web developer at Digicube. As much as I love and enjoy working within the technological realm, I still remain a believer that real success comes at the intersection of several disciplines. Therefore, I want to make time for myself and my other hobbies whenever I am able to.

I like to describe myself as a tech-sporty guy, meaning that I enjoy lots of sports, although football has had a special emphasis among my preferences (such as tennis, swimming, volleyball and more), in levels that I even started playing professionally for a local football team in my city. Additionally, I am curious to read about old cinematography, singers, artists and their masterpieces generally.

I want to socialize and go on unexpected trips with my friends and family, and though I’ve visited several countries around Europe, my traveling bucket list is yet to be completed. I prefer to enjoy life rather than complain about it and my personal recipe for doing so, is doing what your soul is seeking for, and in my case it is all of the aforementioned activities and hobbies and I can’t be more grateful for being able to do what I always wanted to.