Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer

Location: Skopje
Employment: full-time
Key Skills: Python (Asyncio / Twisted),NATS,WAMP, MongoDB,Postgres,Redis,Grafana,Loki,Kubernetes,TypeScript & Javascript (Vue)

If you are passionate about software and finding solutions to problems through agility, we want to talk with you! You will be a key contributor to the piplanning app, which is a digital collaboration software providing next-level experience in online collaboration. In this role, you will be a Backend Software Engineer with occasional frontend tasks working on various aspects of the existing product as well as bringing completely new features to live. You will work with all team members on a daily basis and be a part of a growing team designing, building, and supporting a product used by up to the largest companies across the globe. 

What we offer

In this role, you’ll get the chance to: 

  • Regularly tackle the largest and most complex problems on the team, from technical design to launch. 
  • Deliver new functionalities largely based on customer feedback. 
  • Routinely tackle complex architecture challenges and apply architectural standards. 
  • Use the following technologies: Python (Asyncio / Twisted), NATS, WAMP, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, Grafana, Loki, and Kubernetes. 
  • Occasionally you may also touch: TypeScript & Javascript (Vue). 
  • Do code reviews & documentation as well as take on complex bug fixes, especially on high-risk problems. 
  • Enhance and set the standard for thorough, meaningful test automation. 

What you need to offer

Sounds exciting? In order to set you up for delighting our customers from day one, we’ll expect you to have this on your first day: 

  • 5+ years of professional experience in a software development team. 
  • Extensive understanding of how to utilize Python in backends (API). 
  • Good understanding of event-driven, micro-service architecture in combination with CI / CD. 
  • Routine in debugging and solving issues with the help of a monitoring/logging stack. 
  • Preference to focus on backend work with occasional fullstack tasks. 
  • Passion for making features that are quick, useful, and easy to use. 
  • Mastered practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery. 
  • Strive to master any technology, language, or development environment that is needed or useful. 
  • Fast learner, can contribute from day one, and can bring good opinions to the table. 

About the company

More about our benefits
Whenever and wherever you work, playing together at Rentouch is highly collaborative and fun! You work in a vibrant startup environment as part of a team with a diverse skill set. With your passion, you shape the future of Rentouch and leave your mark on the product vision and strategy. Learn from our customers every day, translate their needs into features and help some of the largest organizations across the globe improve their planning success. 

More about Rentouch
Creating digital collaboration software providing next-level experience in online collaboration is why we’re here. From small ones up to the largest companies you can imagine, our focus is on an immense variety of customers dealing with the same challenge, how to collaborate effectively across locations and time zones. With the piplanning app, we help teams to become more effective, aligned, and focused – providing seamless collaboration capabilities is what pushes us every day. We’re looking for people who want to create our future with the support of like-minded teammates who are motivated by a common goal to: eliminate barriers in distributed team collaboration.